Waterproof Pet Dog Carrier

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Take your pet wherever you go and let them give them enjoy the true taste of nature with this Waterproof Pet Dog Carrier. Its PU material, sponge filling inside, shoulder pad will keep both pet and its carrier comfortable, offering the easiest solution to take your dogs and cats out.


Easy to Use and Clean


This dog carrier bag available in four different sizes and colors. It’s extremely easy to use; just put your dog inside and secure the attachment through the magic tape adjust chest. Due to its PU material, cleaning this carrying bag is also a piece of cake. Simply use a wet towel and wipe to clean.


Premium Construction


Its imitation leather, cotton, sponge, PVC shoulder Pad, Zinc-alloy hook offers outstanding support where you can get maximum durability and your pet a comfortable trip. This lightweight pet carrying bag comes with a long tail opening so that you can carry both cats and dogs without any complications.


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