Unique Leather Rug

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Bold, durable, and strikingly unique, that’s what makes this leather rug stand out amongst others. It’s soft, luxurious, and stylish enough to liven up any ground design into an appealing one. This unique leather rug is going to be your ultimate centerpiece of texture and depth.


Hand Made


This large carpet rug is 6-8 mm thick and completely handmade with professional hands. It’s made of 100% red cow leather for a unique and natural look with added toughness. Moreover, the rug is fireproof, moisture-proof, and durable enough to withstand the extreme usage of high-traffic areas.




Cleaning this rug is a piece of cake. Simply use your vacuum cleaner to take out the dirt or use a mixture of soap and warm water for a gentle hand wash. Its premium texture won’t fade away, no matters which methods you have chosen for cleaning.


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