LED Flex Neck Reading Book Light



Enjoy your private nighttime reading with our new LED flex neck reading book light. Its ultra-bright LED light can shine up the smallest area without bothering your sleeping partner. The brightness of the LEDs is completely adjustable, so; you can also adjust that based on your need.


Hands-Free Neck Light


This ergonomically designed neck light is stressless and comfortable to wear on the neck. The arms are made of super flex steel alloy wire that can be twisted, bent, folded like candelabra, hook, coil, cobra, or any other shapes to meet your different lighting angle. The arm features a soft foam cover and rubber grip neck pad to enable you with the maximum amount of comfiness.


Powerful Battery Life for Long Term Use


Where most other neck lights can last only for two or three hours, this neck light can provide up to 40 hours of long-lasting energy. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries that will give you non-stop support for up to 2 weeks at least.


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