Dusting & Mopping Slippers

AED 34.31



Protect the surface of your floor while wiping with our new Dusting & Mopping Slippers. It’s super soft, washable, reusable, and has a high absorbing ability that can be your great assistance for obtaining a thoroughly cleaned floor.


Convenient and Multi-functional


These mopping slippers are made from premium elastic straps that fit almost any size and shape. It’s adequately thickened for multifunctional usability, which will allow you to wear the slippers with or without shoes; there’s no hassle—a perfect item to use while wiping the floor, washings desks, washing cars, cleaning window glasses, and more.  




These are soft, comfortable, and have outstanding water and dust absorption capability. You won’t feel any leg fatigue even after wearing a long time. It’s available in lots of fun colors, so select one that accurately suits your needs. Honestly, lazy people wipe their slippers, but the smarter one uses thickened chenille. So, decide what you want to be!


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