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Capture your sweet dreams and happiness with our new Dreamcatchers. It’s high-quality, bigger than others, and beautiful enough to bring a warm and love to your family—a perfect addition to a colorful room and suitable for kids’ bedrooms, sitting room, balcony, wedding, car decorative, and much more.




This dreamcatcher is manually woven with knitting wool, iron ring, wooden bead, and feather. These are environmentally friendly, safe, and the construction is processed into exquisite handicrafts.


Dream Catcher History


The dream catcher was first discovered in the 18th century, followed by the traditional culture of Native Americans. According to their belief, Dreamcatchers were used to capture dreams and bring blessings for good. Nightmare pass through the holes and Dreams are trapped in the web. It then slides down through the feathers and goes to the sleeping person.


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