OwOO.Me was born during the recent Covid-19 outbreak! We realised that a vast majority of the population across the world will be shopping online. We understood that the online e-commerce market is oversaturated with millions of websites across the globe and we needed to carve a niche. 

We went on a journey of sourcing some incredible products at affordable prices. Products like a Digital LED backpack which is our hero product on OwOO.Me

Our categories include Products for Good – a section dedicated to saving the environment, one order at a time. Ultimate Survival Gear which feeds into the passion of being outdoors and discovering mother nature, one order at a time. E-Motion – our electric division dedicated to harnessing the mindfulness of how we travel and go from one place to another, one order at a time. Fashion focusing on organic materials, Gadgets that not only save us money but also save us time, assist in minding our health and add to the aesthetics of our surroundings, one order at a time. 

Our T-shirts are all about tongue in cheek humour, sarcasm and having a laugh. Our Home and Living section is all about bringing out your quirky sense of design.. 

We didn’t forget our furry friends and have sourced products to make the time we spend with our Pets more comfortable and memorable, one order at a time.

We will continue to add products in our categories as we progress and hear your feedback.

We welcome you to OwOO.Me bringing the best products in our one world, one order at a time! 

OwOO.Me is licensed in the UAE with SHAMS(Sharjah Media City) with the license number 2007753.01 

For any further queries please reach out at hello@owoo.me

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